Sugar, good or bad?

With the Miriad of mixed messages in the media and so many experts telling us how to live a healthier life, what to eat and drink, how to live, how to exercise pretty much how to do everything. The problem is so much of the advice is conflicting and often complicated and confusing, how does a consumer know what to do?
My motto is simplicity!!! And that applies in many different ways. Firstly we get taken in by the all too clever( and frankly unethical) marketers for the big food manufacturers. We are bombarded with adverts for “healthy/ low fat/ low carb/ etc “foods that it becomes difficult to know what we should and shouldn’t include in our diets.
So sugar seems to be the latest target of mass marketing, avoid sugar go for sweeteners instead.
My advice to my clients( and anyone who asks) is yes sugar is a massive problem. It’s in everything bread, yoghurts, pasta, drinks etc. So even if you think your diet is pretty much sugar free, I’m prepared to bet it’s got more in it than you think.
My solution a sugar detox( now I hate the word) but it works!
The first stage is to change your taste, that is,get back to enjoying whole, homemade foods, full of taste and nutrients but no need for sugar. It’s totally amazing how much tasty wholesome foods we can eat and enjoy when our bodies no longer crave sugar.
Don’t get me wrong a 21 day detox is difficult but once you get past the first few days and your energy levels increase, you sleep better and you feel lighter it becomes easier.
Now I’m not suggesting that you never eat sugar again and I’m not advocating cutting out fruits, just being sensible about quantities. Believe me once your body no longer craves sugar constantly( whether that is bread, crackers, chocolate, pastas etc) it’s totally liberating to feel in control, to be able to choose to have a piece of cake and enjoy it but also not want it more often than not!
Almost as an aside not only will you increase energy, skin will improve, you’ll sleep better, you’ll be more positive and happy and you’ll likely drop some weight.
What more could you ask for?
Now I’m not suggesting you just cut out everything and live on salads. Let’s face it how long could you keep that up? You need to feed your body lots of nutrient dense, tasty and satisfying foods. You need to plan and prepare so you have foods to hand so as not to make hasty and bad choices. Plus under no circumstances be taken in by the low fat, no sugar marketing and end up eating products which are processed, have little nutrients and are loaded with harmful manufactured fats and sweeteners.
Our levels of sugar intake have gone through the roof in recent years and it’s time to take back control, eat like our great- grandparents and fuel our bodies to live long and healthy lives.
Happy eating

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